Disadvantage of fish tanks

Breeding ornamental fish is an elegant hobby enjoyed by many people. Because this is one of the works that bring happiness and mental health in your life. However, besides the outstanding advantages, owning a fish tank also has many disadvantages. Therefore, today we will share with you some information on these problems as follows:


Unlike other items in the house, a fish tank cost quite a lot. So how much does it cost to own an aquarium? It costs vary depending on whether the material is glass or acrylic, large or small sizes and the accompanying decorations like algae, gravel, sand, etc. Saltwater tanks are quite expensive. Usually, a small aquarium costs about $ 100, for a 200-gallon tank costs up to about $ 4,500. In addition, the cost of transporting goods from the store to the home costs an additional cost. If the tank is small, you can bring it home yourself, but if the tank is large, you will have to rent a truck of a store or shipping unit. If your home is far from the store, this is a big expense.

The setup process is complicated

You can’t have a nice fish tank with just a tank and a few fish. It needs some extra sanitary tools such as Heaters, Filters, Filter cartridges (1 year), Chlorine Reduction, Ph / Ammonia Testers, Thermometer, Medicines, Driftwood / Stone. Besides, it also needs decorations to make the tank become more sparkling like colored lights, gravel, trees (plastic / real), sand, stone, etc.

These utensils must be hygienic and cleaned regularly as well as renewed after a certain time. If you do not buy quality equipment, your fish will be very underdeveloped and even die. 

Cleaning the tank

Just like humans, fish also need a clean place to live and grow. The fish tank always must be clean and in good status. It has to be cleaned and changed water regularly. The frequency of water changes in the tank may not be the same. If you have a big tank, you may need to change the water weekly. The owner must also clean the decorations inside the tank such as gravel, moss,…  to kill the bacteria that may be harmful to your fish.

Water management

Maintaining a moderate amount of water in an aquarium is very important. Indicators such as temperature and pH are very important to fish survival. If the water in the tank is not well controlled, your fish will probably die. In addition, another problem is that different species of fish need different water conditions. When you place the fish in the tank, you need to find the right level of water for the fish. Some fish have good stamina while others are very sensitive. Using water properly is vital to the survival of your aquarium.

In addition, the aquarium water temperature is another factor that needs to be checked daily. It is an important factor for the health of fishes. When changing the water, You need to pour water slowly into the tank, to give the water time equal to the temperature in the tank. Most species of fish require temperatures that range between (24 ° C-27 ° C), however, some species will require higher or lower temperatures. Therefore, you need to carefully find out the fish before buying.

Difficulties when moving

Moving the best fish tank from one place to another is not recommended. But in situations where it is imperative to move the aquarium, handle it very carefully because a fish tank is difficult to move. Your ish can die if they are not moved in the right way. You should put fishes in a plastic bag with clean water while the tank must be empty. This is not neccessary if you do not move the tank, but if you need to move, please pay attention to this issue.

Aquarium location

For small fish tanks, you can easily choose any location in your house to place them, but for large tanks, this will cause certain difficulties when they take up too much space, blocking your path or view. Consider carefully the size and shape when buying a fish tank for your house.

Moreover, in some countries, the location of the fish tank is very important to not lose the feng shui of the fish owner’s house. Some places are considered not to place fish tanks such as near the kitchen, near the toilet, in the bedroom, near the altar, statues of gods, etc.

In conclusion

The above is our share of the disadvantages of the fish tank. If you love aquariums and think about choosing an appropriate fish tank, consider the above issues. Hopefully, these shares will help you capture the information you need in breeding ornamental fish. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.